Who Am I

My name is Monika Rajska

I am a life advisor and creator who unblocks human potentials. I am also a co-author of the hyperphysics model.

You won’t read here that I am a narcissistic version of a super coach. Please, don’t perceive me also as a deity, guru or master. There are enough of them around us! I will never tell you I know answers for all questions.

What I would like to to offer you is life counselling by using my original mind development programme. The programme has been created and is constantly improving thanks to my long-lasting cooperation with other people.

Apart from this, I am also a co-author of a model presenting how the reality functions, described in the book „Between Chaos and Consciousness“. Many-year observations and research carried out together with my mother Joanna Rajska and colleague Jacek Czapiewski provided us with enough knowledge to create the Reality Functioning Model based on 7 densities.

My job is to observe mind functioning. 

Therefore, by using these skills I can detect specific mind blocks and obstacles disturbing in realization of human potentials.

Most of our mind blocks result from wrong interpretation of content that creates, e.g. our system of values. If we learn how to understand ourselves better, we will also understand our reality better and consequently we will be able to have a conscious impact on it.

I’ve always believed the best solution is to work at the core of the problem. Through verification of a particular content, the problem will disappear.

When I was a child I always stood out from other children. I couldn‘t understand why my peers had a negative attitude towards me, why they saw me as a freak and always tried to use me. I remember that every evening I dreamt about kids who helped each other and supported themselves.

I felt lost and miserable. That situation forced me to look for the answers for my questions. Why there were so many differences between people? Why some people were successful and other weren’t? Why some people were interested in simple things and others thought about great things and sensed longing…

The feeling of longing for something completely different was with me all my life. It caused frustration and confusion. A human being can’t function properly in such situation. Everything I wanted to deal with seemed to be pointless, flat, with no important content or value. I even came into conclusion that I had to lose everything I achieved to find out the truth.

People around me couldn’t understand me. They kept asking me why I couldn‘t find my place in the world? Why I didn’t like working in the shop? I didn’t know how to explain them that I needed sense of life, freedom and what‘s the most important creation.

Then, together with my mother we started working on space and carried out research. Later on we included those results in our book. I started using my natural skills, went into 4th density and saw a world that was much closer to me than the one here on Earth. I understood it much better, felt it much clearly and I started finding answers for my question. Who am I? Where do I come from? What are my desires? Why am I here?

Who are you? Do you create your life as you wish? Do you know your deepest dreams and fulfil them? 

I do.

Please look at my development programme. We will start with the Analysis – Scanning of the human being