Consultations (after the analysis)

$ 150

After the analysis I suggest to continue the programme by regular consultations on which we will discuss you progress, work on next questions and eventually you will get new exercises adjusted to your current situation.

You will work on:

  • Mind and Corsup system of values
  • Multilevels of contents
  • Controll over basic feeling of Empathy
  • How your mind can move to 4th density by stimulation and exercises.

We can also analyse the nullification zone of your family and multizones.

Examples of consultation topics:

Learning of the IMPRESSION – going into your Deep Mind.

(more in the article ‘The Mind’)

Analysing and learning how to examine potentials

What is a potential and how to catch it?

Understaning potentials and possibility to change.

Creating dreams – what a dream is (communication with the inner mind where pure contents from Corsup can be found, there is also our Depth, auto-reflection and consciousness), what genius is.

Working on your own flow:

  • What flow is, what contents does it contain and what contents you should work on to have better results.
  • Flow is frequently blocked by a low self-esteem.
  • You have to match the environment to yourself not the other way round.
  • You have to work on your ‘consciousness of the time’.

Consistency in your relations 

What love, responsibility, courage or trust is?
A friendship.

Acceptance and rejection of harm

What harm is and how to overcome it.
Traumas isolation.

Fears and mind blocks.

Multilevels of content:

Each content has several levels of development. By investigating at which level a particular content is you can check where are you and what you still have to work on. Starting from the first level: the survival instinct,

e.g. the surival instinct – power 1: based on fear – 2 based on wealth – based on consciousness.

Learning how to self-control contents, in other words basing on the analysis of the current situtaion you have to decide what contents you need in oder to achieve the necessary results. By controlling contents you can use them and by working on particular contents you can achieve predicted results.

Time of the consultation: approx. 45-60 minutes.