If you want to:

check your relationship / partnership potentials

learn how to control your mind

find out who you are, where are you from, what’s your role on the Earth

improve your senses

find out your future potentials

resolve your doubts

Join my Development Programme

I will answer your questions and show you the tools you can use to work on yourself without me.

My Programme is for people who:

are open-minded

have problems to take concrete decisions

are currently trying to develop themselves

are curious

have already taken part in unsuccessful therapies

are ‚wise guys‘

are in difficult personal situations

are messiahs

Start here:

1. The Analysis (the scanning of the human being)

The diagnosis of your current evolutionary situtation.

During the analysis you will get a set of exercises and I will show you several tools that your mind doesn’t know.

After several weeks (approx. 5 weeks) another consultation should take place.

After the Analysis I recommend:

2. Consultations

After first analysis you should continue this programme by regular consultations. During consultations we will discuss your progress, work on next topics and you will get a new set of exercises corresponding to your current situation.

3. Workshops

While organising workshops, I choose people carefully to match them to the whole group. In order to get into the group everybody has to take part in one analysis and at least one consultation.

The workshops have place every 2/3 months.

The outcome of work with me:

you become conscious of all processes that have place in your mind

you become self-reliant

you become conscious of your identity

you have self-control

you know how to get into your Deep-mind

you know how to understand and influence your reality

your natural senses become more developed and your mind become more confident about your own investigation

you create your reality consciously and make another changes to improve the quality of your life


you influence your evolutionary process consciously

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