Terms of cooperation


The analysis is confidential. The information are very abstract and unusual.

I am not responsible for feelings of general malaise or sadness after the analysis, as it means the cognitive processes have been initiated and feeling unwell is a natural outcome.

I don’t offer exorcism or deal with possession.

I am not a fortune-teller, I don’t use cards, diagrams etc.

The analysis is an innovative system, which objective is to bring a therapeutic effect but is not a classic therapy. The results depend on your systematic approach, disciplin and willingness to act.

The main objective of the process is an individual work.

The waiting time for consultation is about 1 month.

The initial booking of consultation doesn’t indicate a final reservation.

To confirm your reservation you have to make a payment at least a day before the date of booked training. Should you fail to pay, the reservation is cancelled.

The training will forfeit if you fail to arrive on the booked date.

Please inform me earlier if you want to receive VAT invoice.

Possibilities of checking relation potentials:

  • The information are confidential. By accepting this method of examination, you are bound by the confidentiallity principles.
  • If you break the agreement, you aren’t allowed to continue the programme and I won’t continue to work with you.
  • Before you book your analysis, please send me your photo. I will do an initial verification if we can work together. It applies to people who are not recommended by my other clients.
  • This work is very difficult and exhausting so I can accept only two clients a day.

I can refuse to cooperate in the following circumstances:

  • I can terminate our cooperation if I decide that your progress is insufficient because you don’t do recommended exercises but you complain you can’t see the results (I can’t do the work for my clients).
  • If you pay for the appointment but you won‘t come and you won’t inform me at least 24 hours before, I won’t refund the money. Such behaviour indicates lack of respect towards the programme.