Scanning of the human being – full analysis – Spectrum

$ 250

The analysis is divided into 3 phases:

1. Examination of the mind

  • You will find out the structure of your mind.
  • You will get information about programmes that block your functioning or have a destructive impact on your life and well-being.
  • You will get a set of exercises that you should practice for a month. After that you need to have a consultation to verify the progress of your individual practicing in order to find the best optimalization for your mind functioning.

2. Examination of the Corsup (soul) 

  •  You will find out the structure of your Corpus Supremum.
  • I will check your potentials, contents and subjects you have to work on / process / cover.
  • I will check potentials for your blocks of events as well as potentials for your current plans.
  • I will examine the general information about your single incarnations and those that have the greatest effect on your current incarnation.
  • I will describe you the history of particular discontinuity and in what circumstances it has emerged, e.g. fear of the environment resulting from the previous incarnation.

3. Exercises

When we finish your analysis you will get a set of exercises prepared partially by me and partially by your guardian. You could also ask me questions.

Time of analysis: 1,5 h

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