The development programme

The Objective of the Programme


My goal is to lead each of my clients to the point, where they are able to take control over their mind, body and eventually – their lives.

It can be achieved by going through several stages like: understanding your evolution process, reaching your goals by using your potentials and understanding the content coming from the Corsup.

Since I was a child I‘ve noticed certain analogy in the world. When I was asking adults why everything looks like that, they kept answering me: „Because the world is like that“. But these people create this world so if they don’t accept certain things, they should change them!

Apart from the planet itself, the world consists of human beings. In order to make it function properly, we have to build and create certain relations between ourselves. These relations and bonds should be based on valuable contents. That’s the only way to make us help and support each other and what’s the most important to build the trust.

Whom can we trust if not ourselves?

I always thought that:
It doesn’t matter where we are, but with whom.

The contents on which we build our relations should develop us independently. However, being self-reliant doesn’t mean being lonely. Unfortunately, relations built on our planet are based on cruelty. Mother’s cruelty towards her child, child’s cruetly towards its mother or woman’s cruelty towards man. I don’t mean here any pathological behaviour!

People very often give orders or forbid something each other. This is how we try to calm down our fears and anxiety or just for our own comfort. How many decisions were taken in this way? On the other hand we don’t know how to live differently. Even think differently!

When we build relations based on distrust and exaggerated responsibility we turn them into internal terror (I have to clean the house etc.), which our mind is forced to follow.  While living with our partner, we are often tired of each other (he forgot again to buy milk, I can’t rely on him) and ourselves too.

‘Hiperphysics’ is like a construction plan, which is read by architects. It presents the plan and functioning of the Universe and its functioning.

I am here to take care of condition and development of its inhabitants, who often feel lost and look for their sense of existence. Unfortunately, they don’t always want to know what the wall is built of.

Dear inhabitants of this complicated and enormous building, I want to teach you how to talk to each other and improve your life!

How do I know how? I am one of those architects.

My goal is to create a group of self-developing students, who will learn how to teach others. The network of these people will consist of individuals who follow universal system of values. During our work we are going to create a lot of various contents and also introduce into your lives a verifying system of thinking. I wish my programme teach you independence.

What are your dreams? Let’s discover them together.