The mind

Functioning of your mind


Self-discovering affects your well-being.

A central point of mind is core – a 5-density part called Deep Mind.

It‘s connected to Corsup’s Nullification Area through the content that a soul / Corpus (Corpus Supremum from Hyperphysics) wishes to change or experience. These content or potentials can be inside a human being or can be something a human being wants to change into a new content/experience.

At this point a being can connect directly to its soul, hereinafter refferd to as Corsup, which is a 5th density being according to the Hyperphysics model. A connection between the body and the soul is a momentous and very unique experience. After all, it is a difficult thing to achieve.

The information about the nullification load is radiated to the external mind. This is where we feel passion, create dreams and goals and also do auto-reflection or auto-analysis. We can find there only our content. This place also called Depth, is the essence of a being.

IMPRESSION is the pheonemenon that also takes place over there. It is nothing else as feelings that the surrounding evokes in us. Frequently, all reasons of mind blocks (often the effect of traumas) are hidden right there. If we don’t like something or are scared of something we can get through Depth to memories that cause these blocks. The information are verified through consciousness.

The next zone of our mind and also the biggest one is the Medium Mind. This is where our personality comes from. It results from the comparison of the content coming from the Corpus and the external world. This part of the mind is like a clock where our character, system of thinking, memories, sensation, flow of time, all programmes (models of behaviour), beliefes (imposed conclusions), blocks (no verification of particualr content – mind breaks the content off), fears etc. are located.

Contents flowing from the medium area are often blocked when confronted with information from the external world. It causes conflicts. If mind doesn’t work effectively, it looks like a register full of holes or very sophisticated systems of thinking, which muddle and have errors. As a result we have problems with concentration, memory, learning and pairing things.

The information coming from the Corsup, e.g. the hierarchy of content importance, (our priorities), are often washed out when we are children. Parents and the environment impose on us their system of beliefes, which blocks our original content. As a consequence, often the hierarchy of values doesn’t come from us. It has a massive effect on how we build our relations with the environment.

On that basis we can track a structure of each content discontinuity. Each being has its own system of values resulting from previous incarnations, level of consciousness and experiences. Nevertheless, the system of values coming from the Corsup doesn’t have to be always correct. It also keeps improving all the time.

A significant part of my programme focuses on working on contents and defining their level in the mind. Thus, we bring back our identity and consequently we discover our problems with evolution. When those two systems are equal, self-esteem reaches appropriate level, which leads to internal harmony and consistency. As a result, we can set our mind so it perceives dreams as goals.