The new theory of reality

The Reality Functioning Model, in other words Hyperphysics, it’s a model based on seven densities.

Everything is a movement.

Algorithms are created on first density (chaos). They are like puzzle pieces, which connect to each other and create fractals. At this point second density starts emerging and fractals start connecting to other fractals in order to create new structures. These structures grow and develop until an ATOM is built.

Over here the third density starts – which is nothing else as the material world in which we live. This is the density that we experience.

Each lower density supplies the higher one and each higher one comes from the lower one. In other words we feed our bodies with second density. Then we feed our mind with various experiences and finally at 5th density we feed our Corsup with various contents.

A point where our body ends and mind begins is called 4th density. This is a very rich and multifunctional area. Although, most of us can’t see it, we feel it all the time.

Our mind exists on 4th density and it constantly receives information and works on this density. The intuition or feeling that something will happen is information received by our mind from 4th density. Our minds posses a lot of various senses, most of which are in the unconscious area. Therefore we can’t verify them with ourselves and our system of thinking doesn’t allow for their conscious application. E.g. If somebody doesn’t believe in telepathy, they can’t switch it on and use it.

The goal of my programme is to recover all those senses in our consciousness or at least bring the mind back to the point where it will be eager to awake them. So our mind fills with contents, collects experiences and draws conclusions, which are later sent to 5th density. Basing on the knowledge about the mind‘s structure you should already know that the above happens in the mind core. The contents don’t only come out but also come into the core, which affects the shape of the incarnation as the Corsup reacts constantly to the stimuli.

The 5th density is the Corsups‘ zone. There are also Egregors, called collective souls, which incarnate great number of precorsups. The latest are beings that don‘t have their own autonomous Corsups. 87% of all humanity in the world are precorsups.

Egregors, similarly to Corsups have their evolution plans, which they have to implement, however Egregors‘ plans are easier and poorer than Corsups‘ plans. Precorsups are the majority of people you pass every day with very similar problems like: career, partner, love, what kind of dress to put on for Saturday night. A bit older people think what to cook for dinner, that they run out of sugar, how is the neighbour next door, what people will say.

It means that 5 major programmes rule the above-mentioned human beings. Such people don’t like changes, don’t understand abstraction and in general they are full of fears. The difference between Precorsups and Corsups is that the former are young beings. Nobody should blame five-year-old children they can’t drive a car. On the other hand, nobody should give a car to a five-yeard-old child without any supervision. A car is not a toy, neither the world. The major problem of our world is that it is ruled by young, weak beings that have no proper knowledge, neither the appropriate level of consciousness.

Highly developed Corsups should supervise Precorsups’ development, as they will pass them the relevant contents.

Precorsups are often those who bring on this world Corsups. Thus, when they bring them up they pass Corsups values and contents they’ve learnt to the point they were able to understand. Luckily, the level of global consciousness is going up. It‘s also thanks to you as by reading this website you affect space, which consequently causes changes.

In a way, each collective consciousness that shares certain idea gives the basis for 4th-density Egregor. There are plenty of Egregors and each of them plays a certain role in space.

When Corsups evolve, they fill in with new content. There are 3 stages of their development:

  • Sleeping stage, when a being is managed by its guardian;
  • Independent-thinking stage, when a being has started thinking independently but is still managed by its guardian;
  • Autonomous and independent-thinking stage, when a Corsup takes independent decisions for itself and usually has a mission – being a Lightworker.

Who’s the guardian then? The guardian is a manager, a being or even a collective of beings who decide about young Corsups‘ destination and the content they have to develop. In a way they adjust us to our incarnations. If they incarnated us to a place that we completely didn’t match it would be a waste of time, as we couldn’t obtain the information from our surrounding.

When a Corsup achieves the maximum of its capacity, it collapses and goes to 6th density called „Master’s Zone“. Actually, a Corsup becomes 6th density, where it still has an individual consciousness and continues its evolution. A Corsup takes conscious decisions about its missions and incarnations and therefore it frequently incarnates into historical and groundbreaking beings, such as Jesus, Budda, Sai Baba and many others. They chose such beings to show human beings the path how to develop further their awareness. Depending on the level of a being, interpretations are different.

A being that evolves on 6th density eventually goes onto 7th density, which is called „Goods Zone“. The Corsup partly unites with the Core. It can combine with the Core, however its consciousness usually stays on 7th density. It also creates its Avatars on lower densities in order to update it and bring new contents. This being has the best view on our mistakes and errors while sitting at the top. It introduces new information and contents to help future generations avoid making the same errors. Consequently, it leads to constant development.

There is no need to invent a wheel twice.

To summarize:

1st density – Chaos / algorithms

2nd density – Fractals / structuring / constructing

3rd density – material world / physical matter

4th density – the Mind / sensitivity

5th density – Senses / the guardian / other beings, Corpus Supremum / Egregors

6th density – moving to an individual consciousness / further development / conscious incarnation in order to implement a mission

7th density – unification with the Core, end of linear development, Supraconsciousness

There is a visible analogy to seven chakras, also called diffractive fields (more about this in ‘Hyperphysics’):

  1. root: basis, foundation / instincts
  2. sacral: structure / matrix
  3. solar plexus: enter and exit / identity / existence
  4. heart: emotions, feelings, sensitivity / love/ connection / integrity
  5. throat: self-expression and self-realization
  6. third eye: understanding / processing information / access to information
  7. connection with Corsup: contact with Higher Self

Levels of consciousness

1st level – Surviving

A human being with Pre-corsup, undeveloped ‘I’

2nd level – Thinks it knows everything. ‘A know-it-all’.

A human being with Pre-corsup, ‘I’ at different levels of development

3rd level – ‘A super know-it-all’.

A confident human being with young Corsup or Pre-corsup, developed „I“

4th level – A philosopher. „I know I don’t know“.

A human being with medium-developed Corsup – a synthetic thinking where information is changed for knowledge.

5th level – A magician. „I know that I know“.

A human being with well-developed Corsup – independent.

6th level – A wise man. Surrendering.

A Corsup that thinks independently.

7th level – Liberation.

A Corsup before collapse, the end of evolution in material worlds.

(You’ll find more in the article by Joanna Rajska ‘Levels of Awareness’)